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 Nightmare of a Computer Tech

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PostSubject: Nightmare of a Computer Tech   Sat May 09, 2009 10:57 am

My ex-sister in law doesn't want to buy a computer... sometimes I wonder about people when they say I want, I want and when they find out how much, it's can I get that cheap... ya well cheap is cheap and then there's the one that actually works... LOL

We spent from six thirty until 11 pm just to find out that the computer they had was having several different problems. You know it wasn't like they could say it all at once... they had to stretch it out until we find their son tried to help... ok, first thing, two hard drives, two operating systems and both on the same ribbon and both masters.... Ok easy fix right... but why does it run so slow? Memory... it has two different speeds of memory in it, 100 and 133, but it gets better... two of the three memory sticks are smmm and one is dmmm. So now we get to real problems... the printer doesn't work either... newer printer copier... not a problem... the driver wasn't loaded... easily solved right? Wrong... about this time after many times of being told everything worked fine before, we find out the before was Windows 98 and the processor is a 700/133 running windows Vista... ok, easy fix, go back to 98 right? They don't want 98, they wanted 2000 which is what they loaded when all the problems started in January. Still we are learning... now we find out the printer has been giving them problems after they change ink... when was the last time they changed ink? January... I only ran 1000 sheets through it!!!! So.... the bottom line was we spent 5 hours to find out the computer was cobbled before we got there and no one knows what the configuration was before everything went to shit. After talking to them a bit more now the true story comes out... bit by bit something was quitting... sound familiar? Hint, it's a Pesario... 700 that has been moved several times and software installed that won't run on 64megs of memory so they force it to run by adding more memory all the while the power supply is failing as they add more memory and to top it.... another hard drive!!!! Come on people.... you can't start 10 cars at the same time off a Pinto.
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PostSubject: Re: Nightmare of a Computer Tech   Sat May 09, 2009 11:12 pm

unless you have a 351 running 10 200 amp alts and 15 red tops ;-)
just kidding. but that sounds like a big heaping mess!

sounds like its time just to buy a new system.
i just put XP on my old 98 machine.
when i first built it (i built it from scrap computers picked up from the side of the road) i put 98 on it. then installed 2nd edition. i loved 2nd edition. fast and reliable. never crashed on me. for having 300 something mb of ram and two 5 gig hard drives. also a pentium 2 processor. then i went to 98 ME. ME was the worst OS i have ever used! it SUCKED, always crashed. now i have XP on the same components and its almost as fast as my other XP with a pentium 4 processor. 1.25 gb ram and 56 gig HD. keep in mind this is a operating system renee gave me. so its not "stock"

my 3rd xp has a pentium 2 processor oo but its twice the speed as my old 98 machines processor. with the same ram and more hard drive and its not nearly as fast! its like a slug. so i got lots of cleaning to do on that one.

anyways, did you guys figure it all out? or..?
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PostSubject: Re: Nightmare of a Computer Tech   Sun May 10, 2009 1:36 am

That sounds like a person that only thinks they know about computers and they are trying to mess with it!

Sorry to hear you had all those problems! Hope you got it all resolved
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PostSubject: Re: Nightmare of a Computer Tech   

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Nightmare of a Computer Tech
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